Wallpaper calculation

If you need to know exactly how much Wallpaper you need to glue the walls of your bedroom, kitchen, and rooms, the following calculators will help you find out the number. In the calculator for calculating Wallpaper, you can calculate the material for a whole room or for a separate wall, two walls, a ceiling, or a room with an irregular shape.

The parameters of the room

The width of the space m
The length of the room m
Perimeter of the room m
Ceiling height m

In the calculation of Wallpapers for rooms of irregular shape, fill in only the fields «the Perimeter of the room and Height of ceiling».

Wallpaper options

Length of Wallpaper roll м
Width of rolls of Wallpaper
* The repeat pattern см
Shifted drawing

* The pattern's rapport is actually the length of the Wallpaper that needs to be cut off so that the pattern on the canvases matches. Information on rapport can be found on the label for any roll of Wallpaper.

Without rapport

Rapport x cm, direct docking –
«The pattern is repeated every x cm»

Rapport x cm, shifted pattern –
«The pattern is repeated every x cm,
the next band is shifted by half the rapport x»

Margin for alignment

The result is the number of Wallpaper metres'
The result is the number of rolls thing